Backend Developers

Skills: AWS, NodeJS, Lambda, API gateway, REST, RDS, NoSQL,
Experience: 2+ years

We are also looking for people who have extensive knowledge in using AWS and the products that come with it. These include API gateway, CloudWatch, EventBridge, NodeJS, Lambda, REST, Microservices architecture, and SQL and NoSQL databases. If you have the right background and skills, we have the right offer for you.

Minimum 2+ years experience a must.

B.Tech or equivalent degree in Computer Science

We are a startup and we are building a lean and mean team. If you are selected you will be part of an elite group of developers, each one a superstar. If you have a start-up mentality, love working with a close-knit group, take ownership of every task you are given, and believe in delivering beyond expectations every time, then we are the right company for you.

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