DevOps Engineers 

Skills: Terraform, Jenkins, Infrastructure as code, CI/CD Pipelines, Github Actions,
Experience: 3+ years

Nowadays, every resume has DevOps as a keyword in it. But, if you really know your stuff, here’s an opportunity to build a robust platform ground-up. If you have hands-on experience in setting up CI/CD pipelines, configuration management, containers, infrastructure as code, and similar good stuff, we want you on our side.

B.Tech or equivalent degree in Computer Science

We are a startup and we are building a lean and mean team. If you are selected you will be part of an elite group of developers, each one a superstar. If you have a start-up mentality, love working with a close-knit group, take ownership of every task you are given, and believe in delivering beyond expectations every time, then we are the right company for you.

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