Facctum in Banking

Facctum identifies and reduces false positives, prioritizing investigation and management of alerts based on true hits. With digital and analytical tools embedded, you can capture more revenue and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Why Facctum?

Optimize Customer Onboarding

Improve alert quality while reducing false positives. With our global database of sanctions and watchlists.

Always Updated

Get notified as soon as a critical change in risk status occurs. Receive sanction updates up to seven hours before.

Smoothly Integrate

Using webhooks, we allow for straight- through processing and the freezing of transactions in real-time.

Compliant Customer Onboarding

Extensive internal and third-party database with adverse media data can be found in the Facctum's databank. Through our AML Screening Platform,banks can verify their customers in seconds via API or web during the onboarding process.

Identify & Reduce False Positives

By utilizing Facctum's enhanced analytics algorithm and search capabilities, you can reduce false positives. Among other things, you can view all of your customers' potential risks on one page, including sanctions, PEPs, and watchlists. In addition, we give you the capability of creating dynamic rules and scenarios to prevent false alarms.

Transaction Monitoring

Facctum provides enhanced AML Transaction Monitoring. AML Transaction Monitoring provides end-to-end features that enable banks to meet their AML & CFT obligations. Enjoy your accelerated compliance process with dynamic rules and scenarios, an advanced sandbox test environment, real-time alarms, and risk-based features.

Customized Support & Seamless Integration

Facctum integrates very easily. Our Restful API documentation provides very detailed integration options. Additionally, our integration specialists will assist your technical teams as needed.

Meet Facct(UAL)

A risk screening solution, Facct(UAL) provides a single point of entry for all external data, including that which might be pertinent in an investigation or screening.

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