Facctum in Public Sector

Governments, local governments, and charitable organisations are required to meet strict compliance requirements in order to protect public services. Considering this, we have designed comprehensive screening packages that take into consideration your internal data, our external data, and various sanctions. Our mission is to protect your business and reduce risks in the public sector.

Why Facctum?

Optimize Customer Onboarding

Improve alert quality while reducing false positives. With our global database of sanctions and watchlists.

Always Updated

Get notified as soon as a critical change in risk status occurs. Receive sanction updates up to seven hours before.

Smoothly Integrate

Using webhooks, we allow for straight- through processing and the freezing of transactions in real-time.

Know Your Vendors

Among the critical roles of public state and government entities is to engage in economic transactions with private vendors. Since there is a great deal of risk involved here, we help you monitor for sanctions lists, watchlists, and politically exposed persons (PEPs). Check for fraud and verify payment before processing. Comply with state and citizen requirements.

Comply with Regulatory Guidelines

Compliance experts are noticing critical operational gaps concerning monitoring in the public sector. This has caused a number of perplexities in the auditor and compliance world. Public state bodies can rely on Facctum for valid support, including subjective checks of candidates' suitability, Know Your Customer (KYC), as well as digital onboarding and out-boarding. This could save thousands of millions of dollars annually and help reducing in inefficiency and poor service.

Supporting Federal Investigations

Facctum assists federal agencies with their investigations. To plan more efficient intervention strategies, use the Facct(UAL) to identify clusters and other connections. Additionally, identify whether a person or organization has ties to foreign adversaries. Using Facctum, you can track down public, legal, and usable evidentiary information after receiving tips from other intelligence agencies.

Customized Support & Seamless Integration

Facctum integrates very easily. Our Restful API documentation provides very detailed integration options. Additionally, our integration specialists will assist your technical teams as needed.

Meet Facct(UAL)

A risk screening solution, Facct(UAL) provides a single point of entry for all external data, including that which might be pertinent in an investigation or screening.

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