September 30, 2022

Facctum achieves ISO 27001 certification

London and Bengaluru, 28th September 2022 Facctum, a regtech company specialising in cloud-delivered enterprise risk decisioning technology, today announces its completion of the ISO 27001 certification programme. With this achievement, the company will be able to address the primary SaaS data security and governance considerations of financial institutions.

Facctum achieves ISO 27001 certification

By achieving the ISO 27001 certification, Facctum has demonstrated that it understands and has the processes in place to comply with the identified controls, policies, and procedures to keep all personal and intellectual data safe and secure. It also highlights that the company will ensure it maintains a high information security standard.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification is an internationally approved and recognised information security standard. ISO 27001 is one of the most popular information standards in the world, and its certification demonstrates Facctum’s information security robustness and its ability to maintain best practices for information security and privacy management.

“Data is at the core of what we do at Facctum, so ongoing management and protection is key to our work and a continuous priority for us. With this certification from the ISO, we can demonstrate to our clients, partners, and the wider industry that our information security management supports the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data,” says KK Gupta, CEO and founder of Facctum.

He continues, “With increasing cyber risks posed to financial institutions, it is more vital than ever to ensure standards like the ISO 27001 are followed. While it can be challenging to achieve such accreditation, in today’s world it is critical to do so. With this third-party evaluation, our clients can confidently work with us and leverage our solutions to use data to enable quicker, more effective business decisions.”

Facctum earned its ISO certification on 17th September 2022.

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About Facctum

Facctum is a regtech company specialising in cloud-delivered enterprise risk decisioning technology. Founded in 2021, it was created by former users and makers of financial crime risk management (FCRM) technology who were frustrated by the failure of the market to deliver agile, low-latency and highly effective screening, at a massive scale. To address these challenges, Facctum uses risk analytics technology to improve compliance effectiveness and make operations more efficient.

In 2022, Facctum launched its first product, FacctView™, a new SaaS-first FCRM platform designed to increase compliance performance by enhancing risk detection and reducing false positives.  

Facctum is headquartered in London, with operations in Pune and Bengaluru.

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