Building the future of
Financial Crime Risk Management

Facctum improves risk detection and reduces operational workloads without compromising compliance standards

Our Solutions

Watchlist Management

Pioneering data management technology platform. Standardise quality assurance, configure multiple screening scenarios and access real-time operational insights.

Client Screening

A cloud-first capability that is agile, fast and accurate – and relevant to your sanctions and AML risk profile. Deploy as a primary screening engine or in false positive optimisation.

A new approach to FCRM technology is overdue ​

Effective financial crime risk management (FCRM) technology is critical for your regulatory compliance. It should also be a business enabler that greenlights opportunities. However, existing compliance tools haven’t kept pace with the increasing complexity and operational load of new risks. The year-on-year impact is a significant tech debt combined with exponential costs.  

Facctum technology offers an alternative: effective regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and capacity to meet future challenges. 

Sanctions screening & PEP API for your AML compliance

Measurable Outcomes

Additional Compliance Effectiveness

Increase your speed to compliance and Identify more risks ​

Improved Operational Efficiency

Re-focus resources without compromising compliance standards

Platform Responsive to your Risks

Immensely scalable and highly configurable in response to new risk requirements​

Performance and Scalability

Best-in-class core technology stack providing low-latency ETL and high-speed screening, capable of massive scale​

Transparent Decisioning

Open-box approach providing transparency of the logic behind every risk decision​

Facctum team

we are FACCTUM –
thinkers, builders, rapid enablers, disruptors

Created by former users and makers of financial crime risk management (FCRM) technology, we wanted to build solutions for agile, low-latency and highly effective risk decisions, at a massive scale. Our team distils decades of experience in Tech, Banking, and Compliance. Meet the team who genuinely believes they can revolutionise financial crime.