New screening technology for financial crime risk management​

A new approach to screening is overdue ​

Effective screening is critical for your regulatory compliance. It should also be a business enabler that greenlights opportunity. However, screening has not kept pace with the increasing complexity and operational load of new risks. The year-on-year impact is a significant tech debt combined with exponential costs. Our technology offers an alternative: effective compliance, operational efficiency and capacity to meet future challenges.

Performance and Scalability​

Best-in-class core technology stack providing low-latency ETL and high-speed screening, capable of massive scale​

Compliance Agility​

Model and test impact of new screening requirements to improve speed to compliance​. Specialised support for all major commercial watchlists​

Effectiveness and Efficiency​

AI-automated false positive remediation, requiring reduced manual intervention

Transparent Decisioning

Open-box approach providing transparency of the logic behind every risk decision​

Operational Sustainability​

Cloud-first approach for lower IT costs without compromise to security or performance​. High user configurability that addresses requirements without customisation or consulting services​

Digital Transformation


Turn Around Time


False Positives


Customer Onboarding

Designed for your risk profile​

The FacctViewTM screening platform delivers screening agility, performance and configuration – in the context of your industry and risk profile.​

Financial Services​

Screen customers or transactions for a full spectrum of risks on a platform that is agile, accurate and highly scalable. Align complex list management policies to operational workflow. Build, model and deploy matching and scoring rules in accordance to your specific risk profile. ​

Fintech & Crypto​

Manage sanctions and AML risk as customers on-board or counterparties transact, using APIs that quickly deliver full-service screening into your workflow.


Configure screening in the context of your insurance products and client base. Manage alerts in a way that makes sense to your operational structure.


Whatever your industry, managing screening across geographies, lines of business or products is a complex task. Simplify your controls for sanctions, dual-use goods, export control, reputation risk or bribery/corruption - and more - by using a single platform. ​

Meet FacctViewTM

New screening technology for financial crime risk management. A cloud-first screening capability that is agile, fast and accurate – and relevant to your risk profile

Our results

Use Facctum as a primary screening engine or as a complementary step in an existing financial crime control framework. Either approach will deliver tangible compliance and operational gains.

Additional Compliance Effectiveness​

Increase your speed to compliance and Identify more risks ​

Improved Operational Efficiency​

Re-focus resources without compromising compliance standards​

Platform Responsive to your Risks​

Immensely scalable and highly configurable in response to new risk requirements​

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