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Facctum is a technology company that builds products to enable customers to make better business decisions, deliver real-time operational insights and reduce operational costs. Our purpose is based on the belief that technology should deliver data-driven insights to enable businesses to grow. However, we saw that data technology has not kept pace with increasing operational complexity, regulatory expectations, or rapidly evolving customer behaviours.

Facctum technology offers an alternative to the ageing data technology stacks that continue to hold back businesses from achieving their full potential. 

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Our Team

Facctum was created by former users and makers of risk management technologies to build solutions for agile, low-latency and highly effective risk decisioning, at massive scale. We have diverse personal and professional backgrounds, yet share common beliefs and goals. One such belief is that as a product-led SaaS organisation we are best able to address customer challenges promptly.

Our Story

September 2021

Facctum is founded by
KK Gupta

JULY 2022

Facctum inaugurates its first office in Bangalore

September 2022

Facctum achieves ISO 27001

October 2022

Facctum launches FacctView, a SaaS platform for sanctions and AML compliance screening

November 2022

Facctum launches FacctList – a purpose-built watchlist management platform

January 2023

Facctum celebrates one year of
Facctum team at new office inauguration

Work at Facctum

We are building the future of risk decisioning. Our solutions enable our customers to make better business decisions, improve compliance effectiveness and reduce customer friction. Today we have teams across Europe and in India, with more locations coming soon. We are growing rapidly and are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join us.

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