Watchlist Management

Pioneering purpose-built watchlist management technology platform. Automate, standardise, configure and optimise the processes used to manage internal and external data inputs before handover to screening technology. Real-time ready and event-driven for faster speed to compliance and full reporting transparency.

Changing regulatory expectations,
increasing operational complexity

The expansion of regulatory scope. velocity of change and increasing data volumes requires a new approach to watchlist screening management.

FacctList is a purpose-built watchlist management platform providing consistent process automation, QA and workflow for all watchlists used in sanctions screening – Both Internal and external.

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Configure and optimise complex screening scenarios

Build and maintain many internal block/pass lists for diverse screening scenarios

Avoid one-size-fits-all screening by configuring commercial watchlists for different risk-based approach specifications

Reduce over-screening by removing redundant data that takes time to process and creates additional alerts

A diagram showing the streamlined process of FacctList, with arrows indicating custom screening, risk-targeted data, and efficient workflow.

One size doesn’t fit all

Not every screening scenario has the same content requirements.
Customise watchlist data for specific risks, enhancing speed to compliance and improving operational efficiency.

Improve speed to compliance by reducing processing time. Deliver only the required watchlist data needed to manage specific risks​

Reduce customer friction and improve operational efficiency with watchlists defined by your specific risk needs, not broad, generic content definitions​

Support a risk-based approach for multiple specific screening scenarios​

Out-of-the-box support for commercial watchlists with seamless support of new data features​

Self-service point-in-time restoration of internal and commercial watchlists​

Governance framework with customisable workflow approval​

Cloud or on-premises

FacctList can be deployed on-premises or as a SaaS solution via 25+ secure hosting locations.

Connect with incumbent client or transaction screening infrastructure or use it seamlessly with FacctView or FacctShield.