Technology for the new
payments landscape

A Financial Crime Compliance screening solution built for ISO 20022
that is agile, fast and ready for real-time

Payments eco-systems continue to evolve quickly. Have your financial crime controls kept pace?

Technology standards and evolving consumer behaviours continue to drive systemic change in payments. A proliferation of transaction media, product innovation and competition from new market entrants have resulted in expectations for always faster and friction-free operational performance. Simultaneously, regulatory FCC obligations require an effective response.

These pressures require payment screening technology that combines speed, capacity and agility with highly effective compliance results.


New technology for payments screening

Low latency with infinite scalability

Cloud-native approach with open APIs

Native ISO 20022 support

Efficient, agile and

An alternative to legacy technology – without new compromise to efficiency or effectiveness

FacctShield uses a state-of-the-art parallel processing technology core that delivers super-fast risk detection and configurability that adapts to every risk appetite.

Flexible deployment options

FacctShield can be deployed as a SaaS solution via 25+ secure hosting locations, supported by open standard APIs.

Designed for connection with FacctList watchlist management and an institution’s preferred case management infrastructure.

Technology for the new payments landscape

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