A cloud-first screening capability that is agile, fast and accurate – and relevant to your risk profile


An intuitive screening application that provides an immediate compliance response to risk. Ideal for individuals in any industry or compliance function.


Fast, resilient and effective risk screening on a platform scalable for massive volumes and low latency. Secure cloud delivery or via API for integration into your existing compliance infrastructure. 


Integrate sanctions and AML screening into your compliance workflow. Ideal for any size of institution, including risktech solution providers and payments platforms. Click below to learn more.


High precision compliance screening with integrated watchlist management and risk decisioning tools designed for integration into your FCRM control framework.


Increase compliance effectiveness and operational efficiency

Faster speed to compliance

The agility and performance of FacctView enables organisations to screen new risks quickly and effectively. Matching rules can be configured to your risk profile, with real-time testing and tuning to let you model operational outcomes.

Accurate and transparent matching

Our core matching technology is not only fast, it is proven to be super-accurate. We are also transparent about our algorithms and how they work, meaning that every risk decision is explainable.

Make operations more efficient

Deploy false negative assurance testing and automated false positive optimisation in the context of your specific compliance needs.

Design a screening policy and workflow that corresponds to your specific risk profile


List Management

FacctView supports all major official and commercial watchlist data sources. Select the content and update frequencies that are relevant to your compliance needs.


Deploy matching rules

Our self-service rules configurator lets you build an approach to screening that is based on the context of your business and data.


Alert Prioritisation

The Facctum approach to risk decisioning is focused on delivering explainability and transparency. You decide how to route and prioritise your alert workload.


Real-time modelling

Our sandbox is designed for modelling and tuning new risk scenarios in real-time, without an operational penalty.


Dashboards and Analytics

Up-to-date views of screening operations, with customisable views for executive or regulatory reporting.

FacctView and connected compliance

FacctView APIs are designed to connect and complement your risk control framework - in a way that provides capability and scalability for future growth.

Choose to deploy as a primary or secondary screening engine, or as a point solution for a special project or line of business

Integrate screening outputs into your Case Management system, or vice-versa

The core technology of FacctView has high-speed processing capabilities designed for Big Data. Use these foundations to deliver a strategic response for future screening demands


Best-in-class core technology stack providing low-latency ETL and high-speed screening, capable of massive scale

Model and test impacts of new screening requirements to improve speed to compliance

AI-automated false positive remediation, requiring reduced manual intervention

Open-box approach providing understanding of screening algorithms. Transparency of the logic behind every risk score

High user configurability that addresses requirements without customisation or consulting services