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A cloud-first screening capability that is agile, fast, accurate and relevant to your risk profile

Technology as a compliance enabler

Existing sanctions screening technologies have not been able to keep pace with the velocity, complexity and scale of anti-money laundering (AML) risks. Our technology offers an alternative - allowing enterprises to achieve compliance effectiveness and improve operational efficiency. At scale, with speed and capacity to meet future challenges.

Stay ahead with FacctView


An intuitive customer screening application that provides an immediate response to compliance risk in real-time. Ideal for individuals in any industry or compliance function.


Fast, resilient, and effective risk screening on a platform scalable for massive volumes and low latency. Supports Bulk Upload, scheduled batch runs with secure cloud delivery option.


Super-charge your sanctions, PEP and adverse media screening with APIs that integrate seamlessly into your existing compliance infrastructure for effective screening and monitoring.


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Faster Speed to Compliance

The agility and performance of FacctView enable organisations to screen new risks quickly and effectively. Matching rules can be configured to suit your risk profile, with real-time testing and tuning to let you model operational outcomes.

Accurate & Transparent Matching

Our core matching technology is not only fast, but also proven to be super-accurate. We are transparent about our algorithms and how they work, meaning that every risk decision is explainable.

Operational Efficiency

Reduced false positives with an automated false positive optimisation and remediation framework making it easier for you to detect and report financial crime.


High precision compliance screening with integrated watchlist management and risk decisioning tools designed for integration into your FCRM control framework.


Scalable to suit all business needs

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Stand alone or integrated

Managing increasing watchlist data volumes requires specific management tools. FacctList provides a platform to coordinate, proof and customise data for a risk-based approach to screening.

Streamline Sanctions Screening

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Sanctions screening especially name or customer screening is known to generate a large number of false positives i.e., entities or names that are not part of any official list but show a close match to the ones appearing on the official lists. Based upon peer review and screening engine quality assessment study, FacctView has an overall efficiency score of 97.3% with 83.3% effectiveness, which means that the false positives are significantly lower than other peer solution providers even under highly controlled matching conditions.  

Facctview is powered by specialised matching technology with the ability to scan, index, cluster and score large volumes of data using over 40 different matching algorithms. This approach provides the best balance between precision and recall, resulting in the right matches and reduced false positives. 

FacctView is supplied with a curated collection of sanctions lists from prominent regulators and law enforcement agencies from around the world.

FacctView offers a report containing all search criteria and results. Individuals’ sanctions profiles can also be downloaded. Reports are available in either .pdf or .json formats.  

Facctum partners with leading international cloud hosting providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Please contact us if your business has specialised requirements.

Yes. Enterprise customers can deploy on-premises. All other customers are provided with cloud hosting.  

Yes. FacctView is designed for the needs of all institutions with AML compliance obligations, from small businesses to very large organisations. In every case, we deliver the same enterprise-grade technology in a way that is digestible and easy to use. 

Data security and governance is central to our thinking. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR complaint and have a straightforward approach to our data. We have installed state-of-the-art infrastructure audited by industry experts to ensure maximum data security and compliance.  

Learn more about our data security and privacy policy by visiting the privacy section on our website